Scandinavian interior design has been one of the most hip inspirations of interior magazines for a while now, no matter if its Christmas or summer. Christmas is however a very special time for Danish people and since we reside in Copenhagen we were exposed to the festive remake right from its start in early November. Now, the Christmas is just behind the corner and Christmas interior decorations are a must- have.There are many things that can make your home stylish, with that special simplicity to it, that is very own to scandinavians. One main thing, that we noticed repeatedly over and over again was originality. Each of the beautifully white homes had pieces that were hardly anywhere else in combinations that were very personal for its owner.
Christmas decorating in scandinavian homes is an add-on to a beautiful interior solutions that the apartment already has. Some of these solutions are wall art pieces. Originality is valued and therefore limited editions or pieces directly from the artists are nothing strange to be seen.
Christmas is all about family and people close to us so the choice of what surrounds us should be equally personal. Do not let the decorations in your apartment fight the mood but let them support it in the best subtle sense possible. Bring Christmas into your homes with original combinations of festive decor, but make it stylish throughout the year!
We wish you a beautiful heroic pre-christmas weekend and amazing holidays with your family and loved ones!

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