Ryan McGinley is an American photographer. He is well known for taking photographs of young models, usually naked, but “in the least sexual”, artistic way. His artworks portray the recklessness of the youth, without any sort of pretending. His models simply be themselves, the human beings they are, not only their bodies but also expressions naked, beyond their social categories or genders, free from any kind of bindings.
Another style of photographs that McGinley takes is capturing the emotions and expressions of people who are watching concerts. In the interview with Bill Powers (2012), McGinley said “Sometimes I mistake lyrics for my true feelings. I get so wrapped up in the band and seduced by music. There’s this euphoria. … When you’re at a show and you know all the words and you’re singing along, screaming the lyrics, at the top of your lungs. When the loud music is completely disorienting and the crowd is jumping around you. Being pushed and pulled in the heart of the audience. Losing your mind in the moment and everyone bathed in the colored stage light. … The most beautiful sensation is closing your eyes and dancing. That’s what I want my photos to feel like.”While spectating his works, we feel the urge to jump into the moments of youth—or at least the memories of it

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