Color displays in nature has always been an inspiration to many artists around the, the master probably being Monet.
There’s nothing more natural than the color of your skin, we all have one, and it exists in as many varieties as any other colors in nature. Luckily, humans don’t distinguish sexes by the color of their skin. Some animals do though.
Butterflies are one of those animals, and either sex looks stunningly beautiful with colors and patterns greatly displayed with playing contrasts. Of course these animals have always been known for their elegance and beauty, and these butterflies shown below, are no exceptions – the only difference between these and regular butterflies is that these have no gender.

Suffering from Bilateral Gynandromorphism these butterflies were not born as regular butterflies. When conceived not only one male cell, but two have entered the egg of the female butterfly, therefore mixing both male and female characteristics of the specific butterfly, leaving it with one female, and one male wing.

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