We love our heroes here at ArtworkHeroes and not only that, we love their art, too!
With great attention to detail Copenhagen-based artist Natacha Withøft depicts some of the very cultural design classics of her country, featuring, amongst others, Kay Bojesen’s Abe, Royal Copenhagen’s Musselmalet Tallerken and Lurpak’s traditional butter or ”smør” as Danes would call it. These are classical items, featured in many households.
By depicting these very classical and beautiful items, Natacha takes you down memory lane, and fills you with the love and calmness – only home can make you feel.
Given the very simplistic aesthetics of these classic items, even not having these memories, still makes you feel like you’re looking at something special – and with every painting telling it’s own story, there’s no doubt that these would do well as anything from the subtle detail perfecting the children’s room, to the bold statement underlining the simplistic and industrial bathroom, as seen above.
And remember – you can be a hero, too! So, either upload one of YOUR works or shop Natacha’s paintings HERE on different museum-quality materials, supporting her as well as our featured charities! Until Sunday the 16th you can even get $5 off the normal sales price, just use the code HighFive during checkout (goes for every artwork in our shop).

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