Do you first get your artwork and then find a place for it or do you specifically look for artwork to fill in empty spaces? Either way, buying that special something for your interior calls for special treatment when hanging it up. Receiving gallery frames or canvases does not give much space for improvisation when hanging the art up so this blog post will be a zoom in on posters!

Let’s take our newest Artworkheroes as inspiration!

Our Artworkhero template for poster is shown with big paper chrome- like clips. These are definitely one way to put up your awesome art. You can get them almost at any paper store and they look great on the wall!

In your home everything is up to your own preference so depending on your interior overall theme we will give you several more ideas! Another option are….

masking tapes! They come in all shapes and sizes! If you look online you can find literary all colours and accents!

Do not forget black is not the only way to go! Try copper or gold masking tapes to give it the extra kick!

Next option we found for you will kick off your pants! Litterary. It’s pant hangers!

And even here you have the option to choose the style that fits your interior the best! Metallic or wooden and even plastic are in the game! If you cannot find the shade you like or if you aim for a more daring colour take a spray pain and go ahead make it exactly what you want!

If you purchase artwork from Artworkheroes you can always expect absolutely original pieces of art so take the same original approach when hanging them! Possibilities are endless and the choice is always yours!

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