You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.’ Said Jim Rohn and made us stop and think who our closest friends are. Now count the time you spend in your living room, office, bedroom or even bathroom and look around. Does your home truly reflect you as a person? Does it bring out the best in you? Are you happy with the results?

Our homes are supposed to be a safe dock for us coming home from a long day at work, school or a cold winter walk in the city. The pieces that you choose to hang on your walls are going to be things you and your family have to see everyday, as well as what others see when they come to visit.

With the beginning of a new year everyone wants to become the best version of themselves. What is in you, however aligns with what is outside of you. The first thing you align with is your home or office (the places where you spend most of your time). You can start with your transformation of your mind, feelings and actions and it will manifest in your home and office. But if you don’t adapt your environment you might never feel the push to truly be the best you can be.

We believe that choosing unique art that pushes through positive vibe into its environment is a priceless motivation that can give you just the right amount of heroic courage to fulfil all your dreams.

Do you feel like traveling? Hang a map on your wall and the opportunity will come!

Are you tired of the cold weather and rainy days? Make your home a place with year-round spring or summer! The possibilities are endless and the choice is yours!

You need to have your art show off a bit about yourself as well as match the room it’s in but always make sure it gives you positive thoughts and makes you happy to be home!

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