As our company name holds the word “hero” we come to mentioning it very often during the day. Our take on a hero describes a person who as an artist contributes to making the world a more beautiful and better place. The action of helping is the very definition of a hero, or one of the definitions at least. What is heroic to you?

As children our father was our hero, teaching us to ride a bike or later to drive a car. Does this change as we grow up? And what about all the potential heroic influences from movies, books or music? How do regular people become someone’s hero?

We wanted to have a look at several absolutely heroic people from the past, who in our eyes hold the status Hero or some of them maybe even “ArtworkHero” in a sense.

When looking at the list of 100 most influential people from Times Magazine, Albert Einstein is mentioned as the person of a century with Gandhi and Roosevelt as runners up. The list goes on with people like Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, Nelson Mandela or pope John Paul II.. Now looking at their “job descriptions” each and every person accomplished a lot but they also worked on sharing their well being with others. Since Christmas passed just few days ago we would like to remind you of musicians like Bono of U2 and Band Aid or Michael Jackson who produced Christmas songs wherein parts of the proceeds have been donated. Michael Jackson in this way has donated more than US$500 million to various foundations, and is noted as the entertainer who supported the most charity organisations by Guinness World Records. He also founded the Heal The World Foundation. The list of big names known in the art world goes on and on and on but we are very curious to hear from you, who are your heroes? Are any of them artists?

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