The heroic purpose behind our work is one of the most fundamental reasons for our existence. Since we were established, we not only wanted to offer you unique limited edition art pieces, but also help to make the world a better place! With every purchase you can support a charity of your choice. One of the choices is a mission by 501c3 NJ nonprofit organization working in Uganda to improve the lives of orphaned and disadvantaged children and their families. At ArtworkHeroes we donate 20% of the net profit to the mission because that even the smallest contribution is heroic. Although we reside in Denmark we are trying to support people around the world every way we can!

Do not hesitate, find an art piece you love on our web page and when you buy it know, that not only you purchase a limited edition piece, but you also contribute to the positive change in our world! Sharing is caring (and it is heroic)!

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